The MiTagg NuDock is the Only Way You Should Charge Your iPhone and Apple Watch

We’ve ordered the Apple Watch and now the next first world problem is upon all of us here at Gentleman’s Garage. How are we going to charge both devices at night without all of the cables, after some searching we thought the MiTagg NuDock was the best option.

At the moment the NuDock is only for pre-order since it’s part of a IndieGoGo, but it’s already fully funded so this thing is going to happen. So if you’re looking for a way to charge both of your Apple devices go order one now before the prices go up when they launch the product.

Below are some of the images of how it all works, but it’s the best charging device you can buy to have next to your bed. It has an LED light that is touch controlled and even has a timer to turn off if you wanted to read for a bit before you go to sleep. The best part of the stand is that you can charge your phone with or without a case on it, it’s fully adjustable to fit the most beastly case you can buy.

For more info head over you IndieGoGo



mitagg-001-04132015 mitagg-002-04132015 mitagg-003-04132015 mitagg-004-04132015

  • Jason Teasdale

    DO NOT BUY THIS!! You will never receive it. Nudock / mitagg / shark design has ripped off almost ALL of the $700,000 paying backers on indegogo. 10 months after backing they are delivering nothing but excuses to backers with not one single verified delivery. YET they are selling their items on A touch of modern and Amazon. These people are Thieves and scam artists. Please do not Support this company or promote it in any way !!!…