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Potbox: The Monthly Marijuana Delivery Service

With Marijuana becoming readily available in many states it only makes sense that we start to see home delivery services for it. Potbox certainly isn’t the first delivery service, but it is unique because you get to pick what you like and it shows up at your door every month. At the moment Potbox is testing out their service in Los Angeles and San Francisco for now.

Once you join Potbox, you describe your weed likes and dislikes. Hate hybrids? Ok. Love OG Kush (who doesn’t!)? No problem. When you’re done with your deal-breakers, the expert curators at Potbox will pick you out two different strains of premium medical cannabis that will blow you away. Then, the actual Potbox will show up at your door filled with a quarter-ounce container of each of your strains, along with a joint of each packaged in a wax sealed vial. All Potbox cannabis is ethically grown, and they also provide official lab results outlining chemical levels (THC, CBD, etc.) and cannabis genetics.






  • Kurtis Engle

    “Ethically grown”. I have to suppose the little plants are given lots of room to roam, fresh air and real honest to Steve sunshine.

    Not to look a gift horse in the mouth,but where can I buy pot grown by experts convicted by a real jury? Nothing like a boot on the neck to give illicit aperitifs a hairy edge.