Porsche’s New HQ in Atlanta is a Car Lovers Amusement Park

Porsche just spent $100 million in North America so build their new Porsche North America Headquarters and Porsche Experience Center. The new HQ in Atlanta is gorgeous and has everything every car lover could ask for.

There’s a 1.6 mile high speed test track. There’s an off-road course. There are also courses for low friction handling, a dynamics area, handling circuit, kick plate and low friction circle designed to help you learn the real limits of your car… and what to do when things go wrong. You can also get your driver fitness checked out, drool over museum pieces like Brumos Racing Porsche or a Porsche 356 Speedster, enjoy a break at one of the restaurants/cafes, or just sit down in the Porsche studio to design your dream car. Next time you’re in Atlanta, you can pretend like you’re one of the hosts of Top Gear.

porsche-HQ-20150515-0000 porsche-HQ-20150515-0001 porsche-HQ-20150515-0002 porsche-HQ-20150515-0003 porsche-HQ-20150515-0004 porsche-HQ-20150515-0005