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Marshall Kilburn Portable Speaker

Marshall has been known to make amazing amplifiers for guitars, but they have been expanding their audio portfolio. Recently they have been making moves to take over the home speaker market, but now they’re moving into the portable speaker game.

The Marshall Kilburn has the traditional aesthetic of Marshall that we all have come to love. This speaker setup is light, portable and packs a batter that can play up to 20 hours of loud music. The Kilburn has two 5 watt tweeters and a 4 inch 15 watt woofer. The speaker leverages Bluetooth 4.0 technology for wireless playback, and provides up to 20 hours of play time on a full charge. The beautifully designed knobs atop the speaker let users fine tune their sound, with dials for both bass and treble alongside the power switch. The brand plans on releasing the speaker next month, with a retail price of $300.

  • billybobpoops

    I need dis!