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Land Rover Defender Icarus : By Alu-Cab

Land Rover Icarus

So are you in the market for the ultimate off-road, camping, or possibly zombie apocalypse survival vehicle? Well look further, the Land Rover Defender Icarus by Alu-Cab is the beast for you!

The Land Rover Defender is already one of the most capable adventure vehicles ever built, so it only makes sense that someone would decide to trick it out with a sweet camper add-on. Just listen to all the stuff this baby has:

With room for two, the Land Rover Defender Icarus features a built-in tent that quickly opens and lets you access the bed from inside the camper, turning any stretch of land into the ultimate campsite. The Land Rover Defender Icarus also features a fold-away stove, Lumeno lights inside and outside, and an outside kitchen storage with pots, pan, cups and plates that all get stored easily. You better grab one of these and take that cross-country road trip before they are all gone!



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