Iris Skateboard Surf Board

Surfers say the legend is that skateboarding was created by surfers in California who wanted to continue shredding even when the waves weren’t big enough to surf. In honor of that legend Iris Skateboards created their own surf board that uses recycled skateboard decks as the veneer of the surf board. Each surf board will have its own unique look since they are using old skateboards to cover each surf board. If you want to pick up one of these board you can even customize it to your preferences. The boards are available in several shapes and styles, each with a coating of bio-based resin for protection.



iris-skateboard-surf-board-001-07152015 iris-skateboard-surf-board-002-07152015 iris-skateboard-surf-board-003-07152015 iris-skateboard-surf-board-004-07152015