Fujifilm Brown Leather Instax Mini 90 Classic Instant Camera

Fujifilm is bringing back instant cameras in an awesome way. Polaroid is gone, but instant photos are back. The Fujifilm Brown Leather Instax Mini 90 lets you take instant photos that are a little smaller than what Polaroid used to let you take. Each photo measures in at 2.5 x 1.8 inches, and new models offer double exposure and macro modes for extra customization. The new colorway version features a brushed metal body covered with brown leather, as well as a 60mm lens that is capable of focusing as close as 11.8″ away. There’s a motorized film advance, automatic flash, and a rechargeable battery that holds its charge for up to 10 packs of instant film.



instax-90-000-04132015 instax-90-001-04132015 instax-90-002-04132015 instax-90-003-04132015