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Forget Smartwatches, You Want This Smart Hat by LifeBeam

Smartphones and tablets dominate the tech scene, but wearables appear to be the next big thing. Smartwatches, including the soon-to-be released Apple Watch, and Google Glass have your wrist and eyes covered, but do you have a smart device for your head?

The LifeBeam Smart Hat aims to be the next big wearable, and it actually makes sense: many of us already wear hats, so it’s not as odd a concept as other body tech.

The LifeBeam has some pretty cool features, including the ability to measure your heart rate and steps walked. And it can help keep track of your calories with an accompanying app. It’s also waterproof – a trait most smartphones lack.

Wearables suffer from poor battery life, but the LifeBeam’s battery lasts for over 17 hours of continuous use – not bad! But perhaps the coolest part about the Hat is the embedded LED light. TRON, here we come! Check it out today.