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The Five Knives Every Kitchen Needs

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If you’re still using your $25 set of knives that you got when you were in college, you might want to reconsider. The most common kitchen injury is caused by terrible and dull knives. Go out and buy yourself a new set of knives, and I guarantee you that you’ll enjoy cooking a lot more.

When you start looking for a new set of knives, that doesn’t mean going out and buying a 12 piece set. What you should do is invest in a few good knives and build your own set. I recommend the Shun Classic knives and below there is a list for a starter set of knives that every kitchen should have.

Shun Classic 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

If you’re only going to invest in one knife it better be a chef’s knife. No other kitchen tool will give you a better cooking experience. An 8 inch knife is all you really need it’s versatile enough to let you do almost anything on your cutting board. Somethings may get a little awkward, but you’ll be able to manage pretty much everything with just this knife. [Purchase]

Shun Classic Pairing Knife

The other must-have knife is a pairing knife. This is the tool you will use when your chef’s knife feels a little too bulky. This knife is great for chopping and peeling small fruits and vegetables. One of the best uses for this knife is deseeding jalapeños and peppers when you’re making some delicious guacamole. [Purchase]

Shun Classic Serrated Utility Knife

Every kitchen should have some sort of a serrated knife, and though it isn’t necessary, it is a nice one to have. This knife allows you to cut small pieces of bread and slice tomatoes, which everyone knows are a total pain in the butt to cut. I can honestly say I’ll never cut another tomato without a knife like this. [Purchase]

Shun Classic Santoku Hollow Ground Knife

If you’re going to be chopping up veggies this is the knife to own. The Santoku is ideal for chopping, mincing, dicing and slicing and its scalloped edges makes it so the veggies don’t stick to the blade. This knife is also a perfect chef’s knife, but it’s not as versatile as the 8 inch chef’s knife. [Purchase]

Shun Classic Bread Knife

While the serrated utility knife can cut through bread, it just doesn’t have the fine tuned cut like a bread knife. If you’re going to be cutting through large pieces of sourdough for a delicious sandwich (and who wouldn’t want to) you’re going to need a good bread knife. [Purchase]

I hope this helps you get rid of your college set of knives and in the right direction to starting your kitchen knife set. If you’re going to store these knives, a good knife block will be helpful so you don’t dull the knife edges. Oh, and if you get a good set of knives, like the Shun Classic, there’s no need for a honing steel. Honing doesn’t sharpen your blade, it straightens a bent one. If they ever get dull, Shun will sharpen them for free. Fo lyfe!