Fender Uses Old Whiskey Barrels to Make Their Latest Amplifier

Whiskey barrels should never go to waste and Fender has found an amazing way to save used whiskey barrels.

Frender has a new limited edition amplifier called 80 Proof Blues Junior amplifier. The cabinet is crafted from reclaimed whiskey barrel wood which makes each amp unique to only that one. Not two are alike, and that part of the charm of the amplifier. The amp also features brass knobs, a leather handle, brass control plate, and a Fender logo that’s seared into the wood.

Specs-wise each amp delivers 15 watts of all-tube power, reverb, and an upgraded Jensen P12Q 12″ speaker. Only 100 units are being made, with 60 being sold at select US retailers, and they’re going for $1,999 each.



fender-80-proof-junior-amp-made-of-reclaimed-whiskey-barrels-1 fender-80-proof-junior-amp-made-of-reclaimed-whiskey-barrels-2 fender-80-proof-junior-amp-made-of-reclaimed-whiskey-barrels-4

  • bigbeaverbill

    What is going on here? I understand that there is a shortage of used whiskey barrels, especially the white oak and charred ones. These used barrels are needed to make scotch whiskey and certain beers and wines. Shame on some one for interfering with such vital materials.

    • desizombie

      whoa. someone takes their drinking seriously.

      • bigbeaverbill

        I am a very religious person, I go to my church you are encouraged to go to yours.

        • Doron Markowitz

          call your sponsor. haha.

    • billybobpoops

      What’s to say that these aren’t spent barrels? Maybe they were all used up. Also These must smell delightful.

      • bigbeaverbill

        Good points, the article says used and I assure you that the smell great.

  • @whiskeyamps

    I’ve been doing small barrel amps for a few years now.