Booker’s 25th Anniversary Boubon

Booker’s Bourbon is one of the best bourbons you can buy at the moment. The best part about it is that it doesn’t really price people out. Their standard bottle costs anywhere from $50-$60 depending on where you’re shopping. This my favorite bourbon out of the ones I own and have tried.

Booker’s 25th Anniversary Bourbon comes out this month and has hit some shelves already. You’re going to have a bit of a tough time finding this stuff in stores so before you go out trying to buy some call ahead of time. This limited batch of bourbon is aged between 9-11 years with an unfiltered proof ranging from 121-130 depending on which bottle you end up with. If you can’t fine¬†Booker’s 25th Anniversary Bourbon anywhere pick up a bottle of the normal bourbon they sell it’s pretty damn good. [Purchase]