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Apple’s CarPlay to take over the dash in BWM, Ferrari, and more


Are you tired of proprietary car infotainment systems that are more complicated than they’re worth? Well, then Apple’s latest announcement should excite you!

With Apple’s release of iOS 7.1 on March 10, iPhones are now able to submit  data on calls,texting, GPS, and more, to cars equipped with an optional CarPlay package . The first car manufactures to support CarPlay are  Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes, who will all debut vehicles later this year. Other carmakers to support the program “later” include BMW, Toyota, Ford.

“Distracted” driving is a major cause of auto accidents, so Apple and carmakers alike hope that this handsfree system will curb fatalities. Apple’s major competitor, Google has also announced partnerships with car makers for a similar system featuring its Android operating system.

You can find out more information regarding CarPlay on Apple’s official page here.  Pricing info has yet to be released.

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