Add USB to your Wall Outlet for Easier Charging Today

USB is incredibly popular, as it powers your smartphone, tablet, and soon, your laptop. Charging your devices can sometimes be a pain though, since you need a cable AND power adapter. Some smart DIYers have replaced their wall outlets with those that have space for USB. But re-wiring your outlets can be scary and even dangerous.

Enter SnapPower, which is a KickStarter project that wants to add a USB plug to your outlets, with no rewiring necessary. Demand for the device is off-the-charts, as the modest $35,000 goal has been surpassed over 10x over, with nearly half a million dollars raised thus far. Click here to reserve your own.


  • Chris Queen

    For me, the issue isn’t finding an outlet, its carrying a cord. If I have tote the cord, I can tote the plug adapter. I could really use an outlet with a retractable mini-USB extension.