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5 Ways the New Apple TV Can Take Over Your Living Room

Earlier this month Apple announced a price drop for the Apple TV, lowering the cost to $69 from $99. Price drops from Apple often indicate that an update is near, and rumors of an updated Apple TV have started to reach critical mass as a result.

But what can a potential new Apple TV do that the current generation can’t? Below are five examples – and each is exciting in and of itself.


The current Apple TV contains specific channels, including favorites like Netflix and Hulu, and now TED talks! But imagine an Apple TV with hundreds of thousands of applications, like the iPhone and iPad. There are apps on your phone that no one would have even imagined just a few years ago. Now picture developer ingenuity with the massive 50 inch screen in your living room. Exciting!


Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, and mobile gaming recently overtook traditional consoles in profit share. While titles like Angry Bird and CandyCrush are fun for your mobile devices, imagine full-fledged gaming via your Apple TV. The iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 are just as powerful as previous generation consoles, so you can play games as simple as Flappy Bird, or as expansive as Final Fantasy.


All joking aside, Siri can be pretty useful when used properly. She can set timers and reminders, write up text messages, and answer trivia questions. Combine the utility of Siri with an always-on Apple TV, and you can speak to your favorite digital assistant without having to pull out your phone! Amazon just recently began selling the Echo, a stand-alone Siri clone and speaker, to rave reviews. There’s no doubt that a new Apple TV can be just as awesome.

Home-Control System

Last year Apple released HomeKit, a set of tools for developers that allow seamless integration between your Apple devices and your home thermostat, among other things. We haven’t heard too much about the initiative this year, but this may just be the quiet before the storm, and the Apple TV can be the storm that’s about to take over your home.

And finally, television itself

It’s easy to forget that the main point of the Apple TV is, well, TV. Ever since before Steve Jobs’ death in 2011, the media has been speculating that Apple may reinvent television just like it did the music industry. It may seem like eons ago, but in the early 2000s music was in danger, with rampant piracy causing music sales to fall through the roof. But Apple’s iPod and iTunes convinced the masses to pay for music. History is repeating itself, with streaming websites helping spur the national trend of “cord-cutting.” Perhaps an Apple TV with instant access to cable TV, without the cable box or cable company, can change (save?) the television industry.

It’s easy to get excited about the potential for a new Apple TV, but Apple is a notoriously secretive company. Only time will tell if a new Apple TV is in the works, but here’s to hoping